pachai maamalai pol mene

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the salt of the earth.

A person who can see beauty and benevolence in everything everywhere is a saint.

But most of us are not saints

A person who just lives on without seeing, not caring to see anything, we can call him anything

A person who mixes reality and dreams with genius and gives birth to beauty is a poet or an artist

A person who can see only the wrongs and defects in others, but cannot look inside himself to find ditto inside himself is a cynic.. Most satirists are like this.. That tribe is always on the increase.

A person who can see the shortcomings and frailties outside himself and within himself too and depicts his discoveries outside with indulgence and sympathy and even with empathy, can be a cartoonist, caricaturist or a humourist..

A person who can understand his own limitations and frailties, can admit it heartily , and laugh at himself along with others, I think is the real man.. he is the salt of the earth..

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