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Thursday, September 25, 2014

like to lie......

like to lie......

We tend to presume that we are stepping into immortality of literary fame just because we could effectively craft a few words, use a language without error—maybe in a somewhat ornamental style with some hyperbole and oxymoron..

But language is only a vehicle..

Of course we do not have the vehicle in running condition most of the time.. Or no vehicle at all.That it another matter.
How is it when I have a brand new vehicle parked in my porch, but I cannot drive it..?

What is worth at least a couple of dimes IMHO is the content the language carries and delivers too.

Language can put ideas and emotions into letters and words, and, if it has served its right purpose, the same ideas and emotions will be conveyed to anyone who tries to understand the contents, by reading, or speaking or singing, or even gesticulating..

But the process usually suffers from starting trouble, transmission loss, distortion, and printing errors too.

The same alphabets of the language can spread happiness or gloom, love or hatred, beauty or the complete lack of it..

And funny as it may seem, letters run riot.

In social media , if you add a “k” --perhaps standing for “kindness” to a “lie” it becomes a “like”

And most of the likes we see around have their genesis in lies..

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