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Friday, September 05, 2014

Sree Gurubhyo Namah.

Sree Gurubhyo Namah.
പുറം കണ്ണ് തുറപ്പിപ്പൂ പുലര്‍വേളയില്‍ അംശുമാന്‍ 
അകക്കണ്ണ് തുറപ്പിപ്പാന്‍ ആശാന്‍ ബാല്യത്തിലെത്തണം
Puram kannu thurappippoo pularvelayil amshumaan
akakkannu thurappippaan aashaan baalyathileththanam

The rising sun makes us to open our physical eye. 
To open our inner eye we should be lucky to be blessed with a teacher even when we are in our childhood,

We post here, write here, debate here, and attempt to show off our erudition with a lot sense of worth in ourseleve. ..

There was a stage in our life when we were thoroughly and completely ignorant..

And some divine being who appeared in human form showed us the gateway to the path of knowledge..

The teacher... the Guru.. and on the day dawning in their honour, all I can do is to offer my humble pranams to all my beloved teachers who enriched my life .. 
Sree Gurubhyo Namah...ശ്രീ ഗുരുഭ്യോ നമഃ श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः ஸ்ரீ குருப்யோ நம:

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