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Thursday, July 06, 2017

earth abounds in gems...

दाने तपसि शौर्ये च विज्ञाने विनये नये।
विस्मयो न हि कर्तव्यो बहुरत्ना वसुन्धरा॥
dāne tapasi śaurye ca vijñāne vinaye naye |
vismayo na hi kartavyo bahuratnā vasundharā||

A very poignant reminder from the great Chanakya

One should never feel that he is too important because he has qualities like 
giving gifts generously 
just because
he is doing intense penance 
he is quite bold 
he is well read 
he is humble 
he is dexterous in negotions

because he is not the sole possessor of any kr all of such great qualities.
There are ever so many persons having such achievements and qualities..
Many may be even better than him in respect of such accomplishments
So no one need be arrogant and showy just for this

The earth has ever so many gems..

So a single gem need not be considered as too important.

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