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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

know the right limits...

प्रस्थावसदृशं वाक्यं प्रभावसदृशम् प्रियम्।
आत्मशक्तिसमं कोपं यो जानाति स पण्डितः॥ 
prasthāvasadṛśaṁ vākyaṁ prabhāvasadṛśam priyam|
ātmaśaktisamaṁ kopaṁ yo jānāti sa paṇḍitaḥ|| 

A very wise statement by Chanakya 

A real learned and resourceful person is the one 
whose declarations are in total agreement with his purports and words 
whose tastes and likes are commensurate with his personal strength 
whose anger is exactly limited to his capacity to cope up with situation 

We find too many who just blabber without any sense or substance
We find people with a lot of desires and dreams without any clue as to how such tastes can be satisfied 
we find people exploding with anger but with hardly any capacity to impress anyone .. 
Sure, they can never succeed nor make any impact .

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