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Friday, July 07, 2017

out of focus...

अनवस्थितकार्यस्य न जने न वने सुखम्।
जनो दहति सम्सर्गात् वनं सङ्गतिवर्जनात्॥
anavasthitakāryasya na jane na vane sukham|
jano dahati samsargāt vanaṁ saṅgativarjanāt||

another pertinent remark by Chanakya..

For a person who is not sure about what he should do or is doing..
For a person who is not fully engaged in some useful and productive activity,
For a person who is not having a focussed mind,

there can be no happiness either in areas populated by human beings 
nor in forests where he can be away from all human company.

In the lands populated with men he will have to burn within himself when he interacts with others and gets neither respect nor recognition

If he chooses to live in a forest with similar attitude, he will have to burn himself suffering loneliness for ever..

A man who is not having a focussed mind and unity of purpose can manage to live among others for long but he will surely be a fellow of no consequence. 
He will have to suffer slightings when he lands up in the company of others.. 
He cannot avoid that if he occupies an active social cluster.

And man is by nature a social being..
If he runs away to far away jungles hiding from all others 
then again he can never be happy. 
Loneliness will kill him

The remedy for us to live a purposeful and focussed life..

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