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Friday, July 28, 2017

The sarga of advices...

The sarga of advices...
In Valmikiramayanam, we go through an incident where Bharatha has reached Chitrakootam in search of Rama.. Bharatha is followed by the ministers, the Royal mothers, the army and all the major citizens of Ayodya.. His mission is to persuade Rama to return to Ayodhya and take over the kingdom, which lay orphan as the King Dasartha had passed away .

Rama had in fact already given up the claim for the kingdom in favour or Bharatha and he expects Bharatha to take over..
So Rama initiates a dialogue with Bharatha about efficient statecraft.. 
Sargam 100 of Aranyakandam of Valmikiramayanam, also called a Kaccit Sargam ( or question answer chapter) deals with Rama's exposition of the intricacies of efficient administration with his younger brother..

In the course of the discussion he asks..
कच्चित्तु सुकृतान्येव कृतरूपाणि व पुनः।
विदुस्ते सर्वकार्याणि न कर्तव्यानि पर्त्थिवः॥ २०
कच्चिन्न तर्कैर्युक्त्या वा ये चाप्यपरिकीर्तिताः।
त्वया वा तव वाऽमात्यैर्बुद्ध्यते तात मन्त्रितम्॥२१
कच्चित्सहस्रमूर्खाणामेकमिच्छसि पण्डितम्
पण्डितो ह्यर्त्थकृच्छ्रेषु कुर्यान्निःश्रेयसम् महत्॥२२
सहस्राण्यपि मूर्खाणम् यद्युपास्ते मही पतिः।
अथवाऽप्ययुतान्येव नास्ति तेषु सहायता॥२३
श्रीमद्वाल्मीकिरामायणे अयोध्याकान्दे सर्गः १००
kaccittu sukṛtānyeva kṛtarūpāṇi va punaḥ |
viduste sarvakāryāṇi na kartavyāni partthivaḥ|| 20
kaccinna tarkairyuktyā vā ye cāpyaparikīrtitāḥ|
tvayā vā tava vā'mātyairbuddhyate tāta mantritam||21
kaccitsahasramūrkhāṇāmekamicchasi paṇḍitam|
paṇḍito hyartthakṛcchreṣu kuryānniḥśreyasam mahat||22
sahasrāṇyapi mūrkhāṇam yadyupāste mahī patiḥ|
athavā'pyayutānyeva nāsti teṣu sahāyatā||23
śrīmadvālmīkirāmāyaṇe ayodhyākānde sargaḥ 100

Prince Bhartha, are you taking care to ensure that any matter of State activity aimed at the welfare of the people become known to others only when such activity is implemented fully and not while in the process of planning or discussion?
My brother, Do your ministers or you yourself ever reveal or permit to be revealed directly or indirect through implied gestures, or body language and involuntary activities any of the plans and important secrets of the State when such plans and activities are not in a ripe condition to be divulged to all?
My dear brother, Are you in the habit of selecting for your services a single preson who is well learned.. in preferene to hundred idiots or impulsive fellows.. Please remember when it comes to crisis conditions and challenges in the activities of the state only a learned and dexterous person will be able to reneder effective service..
Bharata, you as a king can never have any benefit by having a thousand or even ten thousand idiots in your employment

Indeed Rama is explaining very meaningful and effective strategies in recruitment of public servants and maintenance of state secrets..

And these days, we see too much of talk and too little of activity putting in jeopardy even to the normal activities of the State..
And recruitment and employment of people are often not exactly according to aptitue and the objectives of such delegation..

I wonder.. Rama was the proponernt of welfare state idea in all its effectiveness.
We just use the name of Rama, but perhaps not the spirit of Rama..

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