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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Musings 30

Too much of exposure to social media has made us so silly, irresponsible and even ungentlemanly.. 
I am sorry.. 
I am not an  exception..

When we share some information or media it is incumbent on us to 

1. Verify the correctness, authenticity, and the social and moral acceptibility.

2. If Copied and /or copyrighted materials are extracted it is a must that the source should be acknowledged.. And if the owner /copyright holder of the material restricts us to from publishing the same we should never post or publishe such materials.

3. When we post something we should be reasonably certain that what we post is in line with truth, morality and accepted social and legal norms.. No one can take shelter stating that he has just forwarded what he has received..

4. Copying another persons intellectual property is not much better that pickpocketing or robbing..

5. And there would be huge number of persons who mark like and shower praises on those lifted and stolen materials which are posted without any sense of shame.. I cannot but pity them and feel ashamed..

6. Some go even a step further.. As if they are epitomes of virtue and uprightness they just publish the stolen material marking Courtesy Some person.. especially some lady with her husbands name attached to the name.. Even a cursory look at the material would reveal that the material was not created by that lady.. Charles Dickens or Shashi Tharoor metamorphosing as Ammini Kunjukuttan or Abayambal Venaktasubramanian... Funny, is it not?

We have lost our sense of Shame, we have lost our gentlemanliness.. 
Or is it that crass imposters only have their place in social media.. or even in the society?

Food for thought..

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