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Sunday, July 16, 2017

ramayana masam ....

The month of Katakam or Karkitakam is a month of challenges in the shape of rains, and scarcity in Kerala..

The devout Keralite thought it fit that only God can help him to keep him in good shape during the times of difficulties..
And the best thing is that he deemed it fit to spend the days in praise of Sri Rama..

There is a Malayalam version of Ramayanam..
Adhyaatma Ramayanam 
written and sung by the father of Malayalam language itself , the Revered Thunjath Ramanjuan Ezhuththassan..

The simple, melodic version of the epic is read and sung with utmost devotional fervour in every household in Kerala, 
on all the days of Karkitakam..

And traditionally this month is looked with respect as the month of Ramayanam by every Keralite..

The month is from today to 16 th or 17 th July to 16th or 17th August every  year..

Why Ramayana Masam

You know Aani and Aadi are months of scarcity all over the South..of India 
and it is all the more so in Kerala where the difficulties are compounded by heavy rainfall.. 

We tend to pray and praise God more frequently when we face or anticipate difficulties beyond our control..
This is what is happening in respect of Aaadi maasam which is called Karkitakam in malayalam.. 
Usually special poojas are conducted in all temples, 
and Bhagavati Seva in conducted in Devi temples..

Vigneshwara Pooja and Ganapathi Homams are conducted on daily basis during Aadi..

and special pooja to Elephants called aanayoottu
.ആനയൂട്ട്‌ . 
where elephants are sumptuously fed and administered rejuvenating herbs too..
 is a special feature of this month..

The air is normally damp and contaminated.. 
lack of Sunshine is also a problem..
So people take extra care to keep their homes clean.

. The climate prevents labourers from securing jobs and they too are confined to their own houses..

There would be depletion in savings too..

All these circumstances tend to create an air of depression and desolation among people..

So they have to look for some solace,
some inspiration,
and sure, 
the story of Rama comes in as the best guide..

Rama, in spite of being an emperor himself had suffered. 
having been banished to forest, 
having had His wife abducted by a demon, 
forced to seek company with wild animals like monkeys, boars etc..

and still He maintained His rectitude and through His prowess won back everything..

So we worship Him during our difficult times,, so natural, is it not?
And the composition of Ramayanam, by Thunjathu Ramanjuan Ezhuththassan,
the great poet and seer of our language Malayalam ,
is very simple, 
lyrical and so soothing..

So we chant parts of Adhyatma Ramayanam every day during this Karkidakam or Aadi month..
And obviouslya the month is called Ramayana Masam

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