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Sunday, July 16, 2017

musings 31 inspiration...

When we write something with an audience in mind, 
when we write and express our views with a view to impress others rightly or wrongly,

It is really exhibitionist journalism, 
or even populism.. 
with some flashes of possible lieterary merit..

and a showman or showwoman will derive great pleasure
when such things are read.. 
and the same person would shrink into depression when there is criticism or simple rejection or lack of recognition..

But sublime poetry comes from minds in communion with something really great.. 
That comes from inspirtaion..

The words and songs are just born or are even delivered when the mind instead of the womb is suffering labour pains.

Perhaps the mind has undergone confinement for hours, days, years or even lives..

Such creations are spontaneous, 
they are just born, 
and people in the audience just dote on them,
adopt them, 
love them 
and in the process the person who created or delivered the work too gets recognition
and even reverence and adoration..

and many Masters created their Immortal works this way..

The great singers, painters, ..
or anyone who really excelled in his field, 
acted just being prompted and prodded by the instictinct for creation
backed up by divine inspiration..

We, I mean most of us, me included, 
tend to pose as if we are inspired 
but actually play to the audience
like the ocean generating more waves when people are near it..

Which is the right approach..? 
Only time can decide ..

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