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Tuesday, July 06, 2010


राजा कुलवधू विप्राः  मन्त्रिणश्च पयोधराः

स्थानभ्रष्ठा न शोभन्ते दन्ताः केशाः नराः नखाः

rājā kulavadhū viprā  mantriaśca payodharā

sthānabhraṣṭhā na śobhante dantā keśā narā nakhā




രാജാ കുലവധു വിപ്രാ: മന്ത്രിണശ്ച പയോധരാ:

സ്ഥാനഭ്രഷ്ടാ ന ശോഭന്‍തെ ദന്താ: കേശാ: നരാ: നഖാ:

The king, the daughter in law of a noble family, the learned men, ministers, the clouds, the teeth, the hair, men and the nails do not shine when they are displaced from the appropriate place meant for them.

If a king is dethroned his fate is well known.  A noble woman falling into some unfortunate trap loses all that is great in her.  If the learned man is not finding his place in exalted circles but has to be in the midst of ignorant and idiotic men, his life becomes unbearable. The ministers, past and present, when out of power, are mere ghosts of their old selves.  Likewise  the clouds blown by winds to the top of mid ocean become absolutely useless.  The fate of a man dismissed from his position is also not different.  Similarly if the teeth are deformed, the hair is either growing out of place or absent in the proper place, or is cut away by a barber, if nails are appearing in the most unwanted places, the human appearance becomes its ugliest worst.

।श्रीकृष्णो रक्षतु।
|śrīkṛṣṇo rakṣatu|
Have a nice and happy day
with profound respect and warm regards
K V Ananthanarayanan
त्यजन्तु बान्धवाः सर्वे निन्दन्तु गुरवो जनाःI
तदापि परमानन्दो गोविन्दो मम जीवनंII
let all my relatives abandon me, let the great people insult me, still I am in supreme bliss since my life  is GOVINDA alone.
Iकृष्णात् परं किमपि तत्वं अहं न जाने"I

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