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Saturday, July 31, 2010

read for yourself and dont send me curses.

पूरीषस्य च रोषस्य हिंसायाः तस्करस्य च
आद्याक्षराणि संगृह्य वेधाश्चक्रे पुरोहितं
pūrīṣasya ca roṣasya hiṁsāyāḥ taskarasya ca
ādyākṣarāṇi saṁgṛhya vedhāścakre purohitaṁ

പൂരിഷസ്യ ച  രോഷസ്യ ഹിംസായാ  തസ്കരസ്യ  ച
ആദ്യാക്ഷരാണി സംഗൃഹ്യ വേധാ ചക്രേ  പുരോഹിതം
how to trace the source....
this sloka would be reverberating in the minds of all who have had some experience with a priest for some pooja or pitru karma..
and may be the mindset of a priest transgresses the religious barriers also...
A priest is a priest whether he is a hindu, christian or muslim, parsee, or aadhivaasi or buddhist.
The simple meaning of the sloka is  that 
"taking the first word 'Pu' from puurisha (stinking excreta) 
 'R(o)' from rosha( uncontrallable anger), 
'hi' from himsa (tendency to hurt others by all means possible) 
'tha' from thaskara ( the highwayman or looter or trained thief) 
the Creator Brahma made the word and form of purohita... the priest.

 May be this is said in a lighter vein, but  we cannot ignore our sufferings at the hands of this kind of demigods.  
May be he takes some sprinkling of water which may be called a bath 
but in his breakneck run for sharing the spoils be it a marriage or death, 
he has no time to clean himself 
(hence the aroma). 

 He is always angry because he is never satisfied with any amount of Dakshina or Tythe ....and for all other fellow humans he harbours only vilolent feelings  
 given a chance he will not shy away from beating out the guts out of you, 
 by profession he is a wonderful personification of all the thieves either born or to be born...
see how a man of this species gives a list of all things under the sun for even a small cermony
( the list has more relevance to what the man  is not having in his house than to the ceremony at hand) 
bundles away all unused things  and carries them with elan in his bike or Car, according to his seniority as a plunderer.

Apologies to the genuine sincere preceptors, but I feel sorry and distressed  thatmajority of the priests were/are so avariocious in every epoch  of time....
they caused mishaps in vedic and upanishadic episodes, 
 there were Rasputins, 
they presided over the precipitation of Revolution in France...
they brought out the best in seers Like Adi shankara because they had the temerity to put hassles even in the path of such a great man..
the way they harrassed Shankara when His mother passed away would stand eternal testimony to the sterling qualities of the priests  

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