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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

not to be recylcled

उपहानौ च वासस्च धृतमन्यैर् न धारयेत्
उपवीतं न शयनं जायापत्यम् कमण्डलं

upahānau ca vāsasca dhṛtamanyair na dhārayet
upavītaṁ na śayanaṁ jāyāpatyam kamanḍalaṁ

ഉപഹാനൗ ച വാസശ്ച ധൃതാമന്യൈര്‍ന ധാരയേത്
ഉപവീതം ച ശയനം ജായാപത്യം കമണ്ഡലം
A sensible fellow should not  reuse
 the footwear used by someone else. 
He should avoid  used clothes also. 
Other materials in the used list which should not be taken over by others are, 
the holy thread( yajnopaviitams), 
and the water  pot used for religious purposes by ascetics (kamandalu). 
 And sure, it is not ideal to marry the wife of another man.  
Footwear, clothes and thread, may carry the diseases and germs of the wearer and perhaps also make one successor to the fortunes of the original owner  .
 So when reused by another they may prove hazardous.  
According to traditional  beliefs the danda, kamandala etc are the sole worldly possessions of a sannyasi and if another takes it away it will be tough on the poor Sannyasi.

Opinions may vary about remarriages at present but reference of remarriage is in consonance with the Hindu ehtos of yonder years.

  Sure, one cannot take away the spouse of another living person .. just like Ravana or Bali did..

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