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Sunday, July 11, 2010

even God will not create disorder

Friends, I had an invigorating discussion with a learned person and what transpired from my side, I feel would be enough food for thought for one day. 
Hence I am sending this in a different format.

Respected Sir, the matter is rather complicated.
 In His exalted wisdom Lord has created so many things and it has evolved under a definite pattern.
 And His creation, management or sustenance and destruction, maybe we can all it as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva forms has been going on with absolute precision for eons now. 
The entire process has gathered momentum.
 Now even the Supreme one cannot stop the process without applying proper brakes and retro power, and if He does it there will be chaos and also miserable destruction without justice.
 Of course, if the Lord had deemed it fit not to create all these things even when we are all feeling the existence only under the influence of Maya and there is nothing real about it,  maybe even then, the  apparent sufferings could have been avoided. 
 But the greatness of our Lord is that he made the law and he made himself as a follower of the law.. no immunity for himself. 
 Pehaps the story of the two upanishadic birds have to console us.
द्वा सुपर्णा सयुजाः सखायाः
समानं वृक्षम् परिषस्वजाते
तयोरन्न्यः पिप्पलं स्वाद्यत्य--
dvā suparṇā sayujāḥ sakhāyāḥ
samānaṁ vṛkṣam pariṣasvajāte
tayorannyaḥ pippalaṁ svādyatya--
(this sloka can be found in may other treatises also)
two birds are in the identical tree and there are fruits of varous tastes filling the birds' abode. 
 One bird is detached.. it simply watches at the world in bliss. 
The second cuts its beak on every fruit and according to the taste of the fruit, sweet, sour, bitter etc the bird also has swings of mood.
 Why do we try to taste the fruits and invite misery? 
In Bible also we can find the story of Adam who tasted the forbidden fruit and became subject to pleasure and pain. 
In fact there was a specific order by the God that such fruit should not be tasted.
It is said
सुखस्य दुःखस्य न कोपि दाता
परो ददातीति कुबुद्दिरेषा
अहं करोमीति वृथाभिमानः
स्वकर्मसूत्रग्रथितो हि लोकः
sukhasya duḥkhasya na kopi dātā
paro dadātīti kubuddireṣā
ahaṁ karomīti vṛthābhimānaḥ
svakarmasūtragrathito hi lokaḥ
Pleasure or pain are not provided to us by anyone else, if we think someone else can make us comfortable of otherwise, our intellect is faulted, 
 if we attribut to ourself the authorship of things, it is arrogance... 
the world is tied by the strong rope of Karma..

So, to sum up, we can make prayers and entreaties to Krishna if we want, but we are nowhere near suffiecient enlightenment to challenge the rationale behind his acts of commission or omission.

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