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Friday, September 03, 2010

forward march

प्रेता जयता नर इन्द्र वः शर्म यच्छतु।
उग्रा वः सन्तु बाहवोऽनाधृष्या यथासथ॥
ऋग्वेद १०---१०३--१३   सामवेद १८६२ यजुर्वेद वाजसनेयि संहित १७--४६  अथर्ववेद ३--१९--७
pretā jayatā nara indra vaḥ śarma yacchatu|
ugrā vaḥ santu bāhavo'nādhṛṣyā yathāsatha||
ṛgveda 10---103--13   sāmaveda 1862 yajurveda vājasaneyi saṁhita 17--46  atharvaveda 3--19--7

this is a song of victory.. wishing success to all in their endeavours, though symbolically it is a war song.

Go forward and conquer, you heroes!  May God give you protection. Valiant be your arms, so that you may remain unconquered.
The intrinsic character of our ancestors was to be bold and worship heroism. They never allowed fear or hesitation to mar their march to victory.

The greatest significance of this mantra is that it is universal in nature, it finds its place in all the four vedas.

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