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Saturday, September 11, 2010

pranams to Lord Ganesha

संपूजकानां परिपालकानां जितेन्द्रियाणां च तपोधनानां।

देशस्य रष्ट्रस्य कुलस्य राज्ञः करोतु सिद्धिं भगवान् गणेशः॥

saṁpūjakānāṁ paripālakānāṁ jitendriyāṇāṁ ca tapodhanānāṁ|
deśasya raṣṭrasya kulasya rājñaḥ karotu siddhiṁ bhagavān gaṇeśaḥ||

may Lord Ganesa who is the fountainhead of all glory, ensure the welfare of the devotees who worship Him, the noble men who look after and protect the establishment of lofty ideas and projects, the sages who have won over their sense organs and are rich in penance. May He also bless our region, our beloved country, the clans and the king (the established government).

Pranams to the Supreme Lord on Chaturthi day

Lord Ganesha symbolizes knowledge, simplicity, universal love and brotherhood, victory of virtue over evil, self control, penance, and all lofty ideas human brain could conceive of. Millenniums ago the worship of Ganesha has started, perhaps even before the start of codified and well defined religions. All around the globe wherever we go we are sure to find some symbolic worship of this great Lord..For us in India, Lord Ganesha is the symbol of our national pride and we can never forget the role played by Ganesha worship in our struggle for independence. Whatever we offer Him, He accepts with love and returns to us thousandfold. The tattwa of Ganapathi transcends and will outlive all religions and cults.

Let us offer our profound love to the most adorable Godhead represented by Ganesha. 

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