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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

no toil when the stomach is empty

कालतिक्रमणाच्चैव भक्तवेतनोयोर्भृताः।
भर्तुः कुप्यन्ति दुष्यन्ति सोऽनर्थः सुमहान्स्मृतः॥
श्रीमत्वाल्मीकिरामयणं अयोध्याकाण्डम् १००-३४
kālatikramaṇāccaiva bhaktavetanoyorbhṛtāḥ|
bhartuḥ kupyanti duṣyanti so'narthaḥ sumahānsmṛtaḥ||
śrīmatvālmīkirāmayaṇaṁ ayodhyākannḍaṁ 100-34

കാലാതിക്രമണാത് ചൈവ ഭക്തവേതനയോര്‍ഭ്രുതാഃ
ഭര്‍ത്തു  കുപ്യന്തി ദുഷ്യന്തി സോ അനര്‍ത്ഥ സുമഹാന്‍ സ്മൃതഃ

A great principle of strategic importance is envisaged in the Aadikaavayam.
 If a king  makes inordinate delay in providing adequate food and salary to his troops,  the warriors get angry with the master, and in time start to speak about him in abusive terms and such a situation is the harbinger of future disaster.

It is a universal fact that everyone works for others under the expectation that he will be adequately rewarded with salary in time.  The workers dreams and expectations all rally round the pay packet.  If the salary is not forthcoming at the appropriate time no one will have any motivation to go further. This situation has led to many a revolution in human history. 
 All wage earners are vulnerable when in comes to salary,  but the soldiers are more so.  
They have to keep themselves fit to defend their employer, and simultaneously they have to look after their near and dear who are living far away, counting days in expectation of financial supplies from the soldier.

Perhaps it is for the timely compensation of the worker's dues that the associations and unions strive.
An appropriate manifesto for our trade unionism..millenia before the May Day celebrations

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