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Sunday, September 12, 2010

till your land and do not play dice

अक्षैर् मा दीव्यः कृषिम् इत् कृषस्व
वित्ते रमस्व बहु मन्यमानः।
तत्र गावः कितव तत्र जाया
तन् मे वि चष्टे सवितायं अर्यः॥
akṣair mā dīvyaḥ kṛṣim it kṛṣasva
vitte ramasva bahu manyamānaḥ|
tatra gāvaḥ kitava tatra jāyā
tan me vi caṣṭe savitāyaṁ aryaḥ||

ऋग्वेदं १०---३४---१३
ṛgvedaṁ 10---34---13

Oh man! Do not waste your time in playing dice, go and till the soil and grow the grains.  Enjoy yourself on the gains you earn and you earn your respect also in turn.  The supreme Lord Savita says that your cows and calves, your wife and family and your welfare are all existing there (in hard work) in safety.

Even the ancient Vedic Wisdom understood the average man's tendency to live an idle life and earn easy money through gambling. Vedas also recognized the fleeting  nature of gains from such activities. Agriculture was the primary job of the earliest inhabitants of the Indus--Gangetic plane and it is advised that one can have a settled and purposeful life only by engaging in gainful work and spending the days in the sweet company of one's wife and family.
The working of the human mind has changed very little till now.

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