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Sunday, September 19, 2010

till when the soil is damp and fertile

यावत् स्वस्थोह्ययं देहो
यावत् मृत्युश्च दूरतः।
तावदात्महितं कुर्यात्
प्राणान्ते किं करिष्यति॥
yāvat svasthohyayaṁ deho
yāvat mṛtyuśca dūrataḥ|
tāvadātmahitaṁ kuryāt
prāṇānte kiṁ kariṣyati||
യാവത് സ്വസ്ഥോഹ്യയം ദേഹോ
യാവത് മൃത്യുശ്ച്ച ദൂരത:
താവദ് ആത്മഹിതം കുര്യാത്
പ്രാണാന്തേ കിം കരിഷ്യതി

One should perform all good and fruitful deeds to enhance his own status on this earth and beyond it, when he is in the peak  of physical and mental health and can presume with reasonable assurance that death is far away.  

What can be done for a person once his lifespan is over?
This terse advice is given by all the philosophers, gurus and lifestyle consultants all the time.  May be the words and sentences would be couched in hyperbole. It is a truth everyone should realize and tell others also. The great master Chanakya naturally included this in his treatise.


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