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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

international concord

संज्ञानम् स्वेभिः सम्ज्अनं अरणेभिः।
सम्ज्ञानं अश्विना युवं
इहास्मासु नि यच्छतं॥१॥
सं जानामहे मनसा सं चिकित्वा
मा युष्महि मनसा दैव्येन।
मा घोषा उत स्युर् बहुले विनिर्हते
मेषुः पप्तद् इन्द्रस्याहन्यागते॥२॥
अथर्वणवेदम् ७--५२
saṁjñānam svebhiḥ samanaṁ araṇebhiḥ|
samjñānaṁ aśvinā yuvaṁ
ihāsmāsu ni yacchataṁ||1||
saṁ jānāmahe manasā saṁ cikitvā
mā yuṣmahi manasā daivyena |
mā ghoṣā uta syur bahule vinirhate
meṣuḥ paptad indrasyāhanyāgate||2||
atharvanavedam 7--52

May there be concord with our people, may there be concord with foreign people,
Aswins (you two inseparable twins--gods of medicine) may you two create concord amongst ourselves  and concord with the foreigners
May we unite in our minds, unite in our purposes and NOT fight against the divine spirit within us.
And may not the battle cry rise amidst many that lay slain all around
May the arrows of Indra (who defends us from foes) fall only for limited use.

It is indeed a great feel to see that many peace charters of universal peace might have knowingly or unknowingly used the same idea while reaching the concord. Here, the twin gods ashwins are invoked because they are inseparable and devoid of any mutual acrimony.  They are also the gods of medicine, and indeed great role can be played by medical men in effecting unity among all races.. the idea of not using fire against rescue teams of the Red Cross etc., are germane in this ancient vedic mantra.

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