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Thursday, September 02, 2010


यस्ते स्तनः शशयो यो मयोभूर्
येन  विश्वा पुष्यसि वार्याणि।
यो रत्नधा वसुविद् यः सुदत्रः
सरस्वति तं इह धातवे कः ॥
yaste stanaḥ śaśayo yo mayobhūr
yena  viśvā puṣyasi vāryāṇi|
yo ratnadhā vasuvid yaḥ sudatraḥ
sarasvati taṁ iha dhātave kaḥ  ||

O mother Sarawathi ( the goddess as well as the river)  Your breast is the source all well-being.  You feed and nourish all that is good with your breast. They are the source of all treasures, wealth and gifts to your children... Mother you lay your breasts  bare for our nourishment.

The supreme power of intellect is portrayed as mother here. Also, the eternal source of life, namely the water borne by the river has also the status of mother.


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