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Thursday, September 01, 2011

sekharipuram kuthirayottam

This is the part of the nine days Brahmotsavam at Lakminarayananswamy Temple at  Sekharipuram Palakkad. The youth carry the Kuthiravahanam ( the wooden mount in the shape of a horse) with Sudarsana Chakrathazhavaar (representing the Lord Laksminarayanaswamy) atop  along the five streets of the village covering the entire  procession through short stints of running forward and retracing  the steps and again starting from the point they had stopped in the former lap.   The function comes on  the eve of the main Ratholsavam falling on the next day.   Even though the runners will be mostly youngsters  all the people in the agraharam irrespective of age participate enthusiastically encouraging the participants.

sekaripuram lore link

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