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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fwd: perhaps, the Incometax Departments world over have taken training from this deity

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Date: Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 7:47 AM
Subject: Re: perhaps, the Incometax Departments world over have taken training from this deity
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There is nothing more cruel and unjust than differential taxation. Just because every country in the world is following this principle of taxation does not make it right.

By what right does the government force a person to part with a 1/3rd of his hard earned money? The basic premise of the existence of a government is the need for a body which would be able to provide for safety and security of its subjects. It is this duty that any Government has to fulfill first. Then if the government wants to go for ambitious plans of welfare governance, it can be understood, if not condoned.

Governments world over have forgotten this basic idea. They have neglected security and have failed in providing even a rudimentary sense of safety to the citizens. In democracies, by giving benefits to some forms of united interest groups, the politicians are able to get into positions of power, and have their way. Once they get into power, they bend rules so that only those interest groups will be benefited. The silent and the unorganized will be made to suffer.

Everywhere the loser it the hardworking middle class salaried employee. He is the one who will get only enough for his day to day existence. He is the Somalika of your story. You and I are the Somalikas here. We try to find ways in which we can extend this false sense of security we have right now into the future

The system (or fate) will somehow see to it that we all will have to work and work till the day of our death. There is no retirement or relaxation for the men of ability in society. It is like Sachin Tendulkar going to bat in any game. We expect him to get a century everytime. There is no sympathy towards him.

Take the case of a doctor, he has to compete with at least a lakh of students to get admission to a medical college in India. Then he has to work really really hard to finish those five years in medical college with good grades. Then he has to fight politicians and other cunning parties to get a seat in a government college to get a seat for PG. After that since there are very limited number of seats for still higher studies and specializations, he has to go to some foreign country. Later if he comes back to India, the government will force him to serve in rural areas with no funds or facilities. How can one blame him, if he doesn't wish to serve in government hospitals? He would prefer to be in a private hospital. Then he makes a load of money, may be a reward for his hard work for the previous 10 years. Then what happens, he makes some foolish investments, and loses his money to scoundrels (Total4u is an example). If he keeps the money in his house, some robber will come and harm his life and take away his money. So he puts the money in bank.

 Now comes the taxman, he find faults with the doctor's accounts (some of the rules are so convoluted that a taxman can if he so intends, find fault with any accounting system) The taxman will fix an amount equal to or sometime even greater that what the poor doctor has earned till now. (The tax bracket is 30% and if the penalty is 300% of the evaded tax, the tax after penalty will be 1.2 times the original income.) Tell me is this not just plain day-light robbery? If someone calls the taxman a legitimized burgler, will it be so wrong?

There is no glory in this type of taxation. The pleasure the taxman gets is the pleasure a bully gets in teasing the weak and the meek.

Since you are a taxman yourself, you may feel offended. It is not my intention to offend you or your profession. What I am trying to say here is that, you are an extremely sincere worker, and sometimes I have seen that your sincerity to work leaves you blind to some facts. While you squeeze the doctor, or an engineer and extract the last ruppee out of him for the department, you must remember where that squeezed money is going. If you will take a moment to realise that the money goes in the pockets of Chidambaram, Yedurappa or A Raja, you will not squeeze that hard, You muscles are bound to relax...


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  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    The amount of Tax collected by Govt as Income tax is a negligible amount in the total budget. The only reason the tax is being collected is to bully the politically powerful people say like Jayalalitha. Bullying the ordinary people is a petty crime of done by some officials. I am not a fan of Jayalalitha