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Monday, August 20, 2012

Freedom from Helplessness

Freedom from Helplessness
The prognosis is writ large the moment we were given lives as embryos..The finger that runs on the keyboard is 58 years old.. Was this being helpless all these years.. It could have been annihilated every moment right from when it took shape in a female womb. It has been confronted will all dangers for fifty nine years now but it has been provided a reasonably comfortable existence .. By.. call it God, Serendipity, Krishna, Jesus, AllaH,, does a name really matter.. If you would prefer to call it mere chance, that "mere chance" is the God.. This being would have overcome very minor adversities, but how could it have survived without many things which only that "power" provided in its superior wisdom. That power has never made this being to feel helpless at any time.. When that power is there is to help how can this being be helpless.. The moment help from that source stops, this being ceases to exist, to feel anything and then the feeling of helplessness becomes redundant. This is the ultimate truth.. Accept it or not, the truth is not affected.

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