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Monday, August 27, 2012

had I not jumped out in time..

A story from panchatantram..

There was a donkey living under the tutelage of an old washer-man, the master and the beast both always hungry and miserable. Once in desperation for food the donkey ran to the outskirts of the village he was sharing with his master, and there he found a fox standing on the border adjoining the jungle. The fox was pondering seriously of entering the hamlet because lack of food was an equally acute issue in the jungle. 

The two partners in woe stuck a friendship and on that day, while the donkey was toiling for his master, the fox wandered around and discovered a field full of ripe watermelons. Though the area was fenced well, there was a breach and the cunning fox did not fail to divine it..

In the evening, the fox invited the donkey to share their dinner in the melon fields and both visited the field of operation late in night and had their bellies overfull with watermelons.. 

When hunger was no more an issue, the donkey could not control his itch for producing music with his attractive vocal chords ( though humans and others call it braying).. 

So he told his friend the fox, “mon ami, I cannot help singing a melodious song now”. 

The fox tried to reason with the donkey but when it was sure that the divine music will erupt at any moment, the fox jumped out of the field and ran to safety. 

The donkey started his Raga Vistaaram and the owner of the field was supposed to came in to watch and enjoy the concert.. But the results were not entirely to the liking of either the farmer or the donkey..

The donkey was beaten out of his shape..

The fox, watching from a distance was thinking...

" had I not jumped out at the right moment....”

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