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Monday, August 20, 2012

in silence we speak the most eloquent words

சும்மா இருசொல் லறவென் றலுமே
அம்மா பொரு ளொன்று மறிந்திலனே. 
This is what the seer poet of Tamil, the ardent devotee of Murugan tells in Kandaranubhoothi.. He, in fact, recalled what his lord and Master Muruga instructed him.." keep quiet, forget words, thus He said, but I did not know the meaning of that at that moment"
Before becoming saint under the Divine influence of the God of Tamil Language Muruga, Arunagirinathar was leading a loose life, and a sudden shocking conversation with his sister made him realize the sins he was committing all the time, and he decided to put an end to his life by jumping from the tall tower of the Lord's Shrine in Tiruvannamalai.. But the Lord had other designs for him. The kind Lord caught the man jumping down with his outstretched hands and the transform
ed man the saint-poet Arungairinathar was born. But the mortal body was still living and the vasanaas would not leave him so easily.. For this the Lord advised hime to keep quite as quoted above. The poet transformed himself in silence to reach immortality through his vivid songs on Muruga,, and he is a legend in Tamilnadu and India.. All great things are born in Silence.
A prayer to Guru Dakshinamoorthy Shiva..
चित्रं वट तरोर्मूले वृद्धशिष्याः गुरुर्युवा गुरोस्तु मौनं व्याख्यानं शिष्यास्तु छिन्नसंशयाः
 tells everything.. 
the Lord is sitting underneath the Vatavriksha, in all His pristine youth and the disciples, who are all wizened old sages, sit around Him. The guru communicates to the disciples in silence through chimudra and the doubts of the disciples vanish..
Yes, in silence we speak the most eloquent words..
Whenever and wherever possible we have to know how to withdraw ourselves into complete silence, and in that silence will gain the power to look at everything including our own existence in a freshly enlightened manner.. All yogas and meditation techniques are finally meant to train us for this .

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