pachai maamalai pol mene

Sunday, August 26, 2012

the robbing eyes

The supreme Lord that  you are Krishna, you created the whole universe of sand, sea and sky 

 and then you came as an urchin and grew up among the innocent cowherds who did not know how to read or write,
but they knew how to love you…
And wandering as a black naughty lad, 
you played sweet music with your flute,
which filled brindaban and your friends with supreme ecstasy, made the waves of Yamuna to dance to your sweet melody 
and fills my life a motive to live… 

That look of a thief, you Krishna, threw at the gopi ,
you standing behind your mother Yasodha, 

 pleading with those beautiful naughty eyes more eloquently than in words not to report to your mother the story that you had stolen butter, 
 lent meaning to the life not only of that gopi,
but when I try to visualize that in my heart, it gives meaning to my life too

Apart from this what do I want, Krishna,
the wealth of this world, 

 power and pelf..

No Krishna, definitely not..

if that stealthy eyes of yours are pleased to stay for a split second on this poor servant of yours, 

what is  left in this world to look for? 

Those dark eyes half open and half closed,
those dark eyes resembling the black clouds, 

 the autumn full moon and its rays showering eternal love on me…

if this wretched body of mine ever comes under that shower even for just once, have I any use for heaven and release from this world.?

You bind me to this earth for ever Krishna, 

as your lore can be  sung with total love only here on this green earth..

I love you Krishna

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