pachai maamalai pol mene

Thursday, August 23, 2012

He has left me at the summit

He has left me at the summit

The journey was easy at first  I walked along.
However as days wore on, the path became rougher, and my legs ached.
I called Krishna, "I cannot walk any more. I am ending this journey".

 Krishna replied, "Do not stop in the middle.  I will keep you company. Walk along" 

 He sang and danced to encourage me.
So I walked on.
Still I was too tired and numb at feet.  

Then He said, " I will hold your hands and you just walk ahead"
 I trudged on reluctantly because He was holding my hands.

 I do not know when, but I was too tired and swooned. 

 When I woke up I was standing alone.

 But I was standing  at the Summit.

The mission accomplished.

I looked back to see the footprints behind me.

There was only one pair of them.

 I felt angry and shouted at Krishna 
"You abandoned me when I swooned. And I had to go it all alone. Why did you leave me and run away, Krishna you cheat?"

 Then I watched the footprints once again.

 They were strong, beautiful and deep.

 They were unlike my gnarled shapeless feet.

 Then I saw it. 
The footprints belonged to Krishna.

The prints were so deep because he carried a heavy burden.

 He had trudged the thorny path carrying me on His shoulders. 

 He has left me at the summit, and done the vanishing trick.
 Not keen to share any glory!

I love you Krishna.

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