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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

leaking pot vs. crackpot

leaking pot vs. crackpot

If a pot is leaking and the contents are really of value, our priority should be to save whatever is left..

We can try to transfer the contents to another sturdy vessel without any leaks.. We can also try our hands at plugging the hole, especially if there is no alternative pot or if it is impossible to transfer the content..

But we tend to discuss the birth, genesis, the mode of burying the pot when the leak developed has become huge enough, and tend to forget about thecontents for ever.

In this matter animals are better than us..

If the contents are really tasty or nutritious they will rush to eat up such material even by licking the ground where it is spread..

But as we are very smart and are overflowing in wisdom, we start making very learned statements like

1. When I saw the pot, I had a gut feeling that it is going to leak some day or other..
2 The pot-makers are irresponsible..
3 They are interested in fleecing us of our money..
4. They should have collected the clay from the right place.
5.They should have taken care to see that there were no air bubbles or small pebbles while shaping the pot.
6. They should have used the best and natural firewood instead of using artificial fuels in their furnace.
7.We are in modern times. The pot should have been tested for cracks with some ultrasound source..
8. Are the government and the authorities not listening?.
.9. The potters will learn a lesson only if we call for a hartal..
10. Even the press and media do not pay much attention to such a big social issue.
11. If I had been the potter, such a thing would never have happened..
12.Ten years ago, a similar situation arose in my neighbour's house, and I had told all people around the same things.. But no one listened..

And of course we will upload to social media a snap of the leaking pot with our own faces in nice company.. and there will be so many "like"s, "wow"s, "incredible"s, and someone sure will share a link from some obscure site about Harappan pottery..

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