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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

tyranny of sense organs....

The tendency to identify with something which is very near and capable immediate perception actually cheats us..
When I read a book, a quote, when I listen to someone just now, when I feel some fresh aroma, when I tasted some new new food, I tend to somehow think that what is near me is the best or sometimes worst..
Many things have already been perceived by our sense organs in the past, and many more things would come by their way in future, and our preferences and priorities would alter, mostly according to the latest experiences...
And very small and very huge impulses just refuse to get recorded by the organs.. In the end, our evaluation of what is really good and what is not so good, on the basis of experiences over a long period becomes subjective and mostly faulty..

Of course we can just use our brain cells to become conscious of the faulty perception..
But most often than not we are slaves to the whims and fancies of our organs of perception..

We cannot escape the tyranny of our sense organs, and if we would like to escape, we have to keep eternal vigil over them. but such owlish vigil can take away so much of our life from us.

But we can try to do one thing.. Instead of trying for ever to clean all that is around we can also try to maintain our input terminals fairly clean too..

Because, the subject, the perception and the evaluation are all equally important, and only the right combination of these make us what we are..

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