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Sunday, October 26, 2014

the ideal and the real....

the ideal and the real....

I had posted on Deepavali about the Sacrifice of a mother in killing her son Narakasura for the welfare of the society.. Someone raised a query as to whether all the living beings were the children of God, implying that there was nothing special in that Mother slaying Her son. 

My reply to that as a layman is as follows:-

But it is definitely very difficult and even a heartbreaking experience for a father or mother to mete out punishments on his own children... 
Secondly, we consider God as the father and mother of everyone just because he created or crafted us..
By the same argument, a pot is the child of a potter, a building is the child of a mason, a plant is the child of a farmer.. That is true only in a symbolic way..

But when a child is born out of the union of ones own cell with another, that makes a real difference.. Paradigms and raw truth are sometimes poles apart.. Of course, the story of Deepavali like this would make sense only if Naraka is considred as the child biologically born to Vishnu and Mother Earth..

There is a lot of difference between symbolic sayings and realities of life...

I may declare, I am brahman,, aham brahmaasmi..अहं ब्रह्मास्मि

But then in the normal course, my stomach will not be filled if the so called Brahmam eats..

I am a subscriber to the idea that we have two thinking planes..

One, the poetic, spiritual, and mythic... that would give a very pleasant mental sensation..

But there is the real and mundane thinking plane which is equally significant --.. where I scratch when the mosquito bites, run for life when a bull or buffalo chase me, swoon when I see blood, react sharply when someone berates me, feel the pangs of thirst, hunger, heat, cold etc..

That proves that I am present in the Terra Firma.. (the hard and firm earth)

So long as we live with this body, we cannot help   having at least one foot, and preferably both feet, anchored firmly on the ground.. 

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