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Monday, October 06, 2014

The girl child is the most beautiful creation of God

The girl child is the most beautiful creation of God.. 
By being blessed with a girl, we provide a mother to the world.. a mother who is the source of love, prosperity and who symbolizes the eternal continuity of human race.. 
To be able to give a girls hand in marriage is the ultimate fortune.. 
I trust the presence of the father in marriage ceremony and giving her hands is not restricted to Hinduism..
But in Hinduism the idea is sublime..Let us see the marriage mantras of Kanyaadaanam.
कन्यां कनक-सम्पन्नां कनकाभरणैर्युताम्।
दास्यामि विष्णवे तुभ्यंब्रह्मलोकजिगीषया।।1।।
विश्वम्भरः सर्वभूताः साक्षिण्यः सर्वदेवताः।
इमां कन्यां प्रदास्यामि पितॄणांतारणाय च।।2।।
Kanyaam kanakasampannaam kanakaabharanairyutaam
daasyaami vishnave thubhyam brahmslokajigeeshayaa
vishwambharaaH, sarvabhootaaH, saakshinyaH sarvadevataaH
imaam kanyaam pradaasyaami pitruunamm taaranaaya cha.

The groom is respected and treated as Lord Vishnu Himself and the father says," I am giving this nubile child to you Lord Vishnu, She is adorned in Golden jewels, and my desire is that I may attain the realms of Brahma through this act.. The supreme lord who is manifesting himself filling the whole universe, is the witness, all the elements are the witnesses, all the gods are the witnesses, I am giving the hands of this girl unto you, so that the ancestors born in my clan may attain eternal abodes of happiness." 
We believe that the parents and ten generations before them and ten generations after them would attain eternal bliss by this Kanyakaadaanam..
We can believe in it, or we can choose not to believe in it.

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