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Wednesday, October 08, 2014



To read something to understand what is conveyed or what is intended to be conveyed.. just for understanding and enjoyment and without any necessity to analyse or interpret to an audience, and without dancing to their fancy.. is much more comfortable than reading with a hawk's eye always intent on finding fault and with the sole aim to coin, and write some sarcastic or sour remark and waiting for the reaction or "review" s..

However, sensible reading takes a lot of training and discipline.. we just grow into it..
True, in the process of graduation, we may spend a few nights in the wayside inn of "reading for the audience". But that is merely a temporary phase,

Like listening to music or enjoying a work of art, reading can be sheer pleasure..
We get transposed to the world of the author, laughing, crying and even dancing with him, as he interacts us through the printed words.. And that is an experience.. sublime, for a lover of words.. almost on par with realization of the Supreme.

As we read on, at once stage we would become conscious of the style or lack of it in the writing..

But we progress further into a stage where grammar and syntax would hardly matter.. We just resonate in sync with the ideas and emotions conveyed by the author..

And then we read a book from its flyleaf to the last page...
without caring for time or space..
and can shed tears of ecstasy for having shared with the author those unearthly moments
and also tears of agony that the book has reached its end.. .

Maybe, such things happen rarely in one's life, one's reading life..

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