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Monday, February 14, 2011

appropriate deployment

स्थानेष्वेव नियोज्यानि भृत्याश्चाभरणाणि च।
न हि चूडामणिः प्राज्ञो पादादौ प्रतिबध्यते॥
sthāneṣveva niyojyāni bhṛtyāścābharaṇāṇi ca|
na hi cūḍāmaṇiḥ prājño pādādau pratibadhyate||

A man of wisdom should ensure that servants and ornaments are used in proper places.  
A sensible person will never think of wearing the choodamani,  a head ornament, around his legs.

vintage chanakya.... 

This is in fact an ancient advice on human resources management which is valid at any time . 
A manager worth his name should deploy his manpower ( here termed as servants.. even now everyone including the top executive in government is termed as a servant)  with great discrimination.  

The person deployed should have skill, and should be suitable for the particular post. 
 Other factors like trustworthiness, discreteness and enthusiasm for the work also should be considered. 
 The deployment of Human Resources  should never be based on personal bias of the manager nor for the sake of some temporary personal benefits which may prove fatal to the organization or the nation in the long run.
Just as one does not wear the headgear on the legs one should never keep shoes on the head even it is to please someone else.

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