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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

eat just to live

मितभोजनं स्वास्थ्यं
चाणक्यसूत्रेषु २१८
mitabhojanaṁ svāsthyaṁ
cāṇakyasūtreṣu 218
മിതഭോജനം സ്വാസ്ഥ്യം
ചാണക്യസൂത്രം ൨൧൮

moderate  and controlled eating is the key  for human health.

usually I am tempted to reproduce couplets or four-liners  to drive home some points.  

I was tempted beyond limits to quote this terse aphorism of two words from the master Chanakya. 
They are not anything new....but in these two words the guru has condensed all the wisdom about good health.  
The doctors and nutritionist of ensuing generations till date all held the same view, and usually 
the humans who forgot to follow this always paid the price. 
For temporary euphoria of the taste-buds, we eat fatty, spicy, salty and sweet foods...
some more than what they should put to mouth, 
some more than what they could swallow.  
It has been a tradition among some gourmets to eat food,  put their fingers into the mouth and cause vomit and then again eat more.
 Where does this end up to? 
It is said of a thirumeni, who had a tummy full of meals, and was offered a course of Palada Pradhaman.. 
The thirumeni welcomed it heartily stating that this porridge rich in milk and sugar  was king of foods and when it enters the stomach, all others will give space..


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