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Monday, February 07, 2011

universal brotherhood

जनं बिभ्रती  बहुधा विवाचसं
नानाधर्माणम् पृथिवी यथौकसं।
सहस्रं धारा द्रविणस्य मे दुहां
घ्रुरेव धेनुर् अनपस्फुरन्ती॥
अथर्वणवेदं १२-----१-४५
janaṁ bibhratī  bahudhā vivācasaṁ
nānādharmāṇam pṛthivī yathaukasaṁ|
sahasraṁ dhārā draviṇasya me duhāṁ
ghrureva dhenur anapasphurantī||
atharvaṇavedaṁ 12-----1-45

The mother earth nestles in her bosom various races of people speaking different languages and following different religions and creeds  according to  variation in terrain and other environmental factors, with equal affection.  
May she bless us with immense wealth and prosperity like the milch cow which never fails in blessing us all with her nectar without any discrimination.

The greatness of this mantra is in acknowledging the fact that the earth is inhabited by people of different languages and faiths and that unreserved tolerance and goodwill among such different races is a precondition for the well being of all because the Mother earth treats all her inhabitants with equal care just like the mother Cow who does not discriminate between its own calf and other living beings while gushing forth her milk for the nourishment of all.
This exactly is the reason while the cow as well as the earth are both termed "gau'  in sanskrit. which again came as cow in English.


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