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Saturday, February 19, 2011

don't laugh at the misfortune of others

गच्छतः स्खलनं क्वापि भवेदेव प्रमादतः।
हसन्ति दुर्जनास्तत्र समादधति सज्जनाः॥
gacchataḥ skhalanaṁ kvāpi bhavedeva pramādataḥ|
hasanti durjanāstatra samādadhati sajjanāḥ||

when people are struggling in their tortuous journey ahead in life some steps may falter and some may fall down to rise up again and continue the journey. The wicked onlooker en route will never fail to ridicule at such helpless falls.  But noble men always lend a helping hand to such unfortunate people and encourage them to forge ahead in the path of life.
This sloka comes by way of vyakhyanam to the Chanakyasuutra 
karyavipattau doshaan varnayanti baalishaaH ..  ch su  125 ..

कार्यविपत्तौ दोषान् वर्णयन्ति बालिशाः 
चाणक्यसूत्रे १२५
kāryavipattau doṣān varṇayanti bāliśāḥ 
cāṇakyasūtre 125

when silly people find others in a tight corner, they simply go on describing eloquently what would have gone wrong but never caring to find a way out for the victim.  We have seen too many such idiotic crowds.


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