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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

we can reach nowhere by just cursing the fate

विषमां हि दशाम् प्राप्य दैवं गर्हयते नरः।
आत्मनः कर्मदोषांश्च नैव जानात्यपण्डितः॥
viṣamāṁ hi daśām prāpya daivaṁ garhayate naraḥ|
ātmanaḥ karmadoṣāṁśca naiva jānātyapaṇḍitaḥ||

When a person lands himself in difficult situations, he simply curses the fate. 
 He never cares to take stock of the wrong and indiscreet series of actions on his own part which has landed himself in such dire straits.
Chanakya in his aphorisms has given due weightage to the acts of fate controlling the destiny of all.  
But his word of caution is against whining about misfortune alone. 
 If a person is exercising due diligence is conducting his own affairs,  most of the things in life are sure to turn out nicely .  
It is meaningless to blame the fate repeatedly and at the same time leading a reckless life.
In fact, it would be worthwhile to quote Chanakya's aphorism

 ॥ज्ञानवतामपि दैवमानुषदोषात् कार्याणि दुष्यन्ति॥   चणक्य सूत्रं  १२२

|jñānavatāmapi daivamānuṣadoṣāt kāryāṇi duṣyanti||   caṇakya sūtraṁ  122
meaning  "even for the most learned,  attempts may end up in failure due to quirks of fate combined with human errors".

No one has control over the will of God. 
But we can exercise reasonable control over our own actions.


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