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Saturday, February 26, 2011

method even in madness

कुत्सौहृदे न विश्वासो कुदेशे न प्रजीव्यते।
कुराजनि भयं नित्यं कुपात्रे सर्वदा भयं॥

॥अविश्वस्तेषु विश्वासो न कर्तव्यः॥ चाणक्यसूत्रं १८७
kutsauhṛde na viśvāso kudeśe na prajīvyate|
kurājani bhayaṁ nityaṁ kupātre sarvadā bhayaṁ||

|'viśvasteṣu viśvāso na kartavyaḥ|| cāṇakyasūtraṁ 187

There can be no mutual trust in an insincere and time serving  friendships,
 a bad country  is not good for habitation, 
to live under a vicious king is like dying every day,
and if we are supporting the wrong person or cause we are always in terror, 

This comes by way of explanation of Chankya aphorism 

॥अविश्वस्तेषु विश्वासो न कर्तव्यः॥ 
"One should not place his trust on a person who is not worthy of it"

For us  hapless human beings  circumstances are not always in our control.  
We all have a high percentage of unfaithful friends and in turn we are not faithful to most including those who deserve it most. 

 The place of habitation is hardly our choice.  
To eke out a livelihood  hundred migrate to desert area inhabited by people whose minds are worse than  deserts.  

And regrading the administration we have to live under, no words are adequate to explain.  
Again our adherence to ideologies and support groups are all conditioned by so many factors beyond our control..

One has to wonder aloud whether the world has turned into a worse place from the days of Chanakyas days of states-craft and intrigues as could be seen  between  Nandas and Mauryas and chanakyas and rakshasaas.  

But in  those times there was a method in the  madness.
Now our civilization has grown so much that there is  no method in the intrigues of life in the present day..
The stab can come from any direction, however cautious one is.


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