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Friday, February 11, 2011

victory over the self

victory over the self

जीयन्ताम् दुर्जया देहे रिपवश्चक्षुरादयः
जितेषु ननु लोकोयं तेषु कृत्स्नस्त्वया जितः।
परवानर्थसंसिद्धौ नीचवृत्तिरपत्रपः
अविदेयेन्द्रियः पुंसां गौरिवेति विधेयताम्॥
महाकवि भारविकृते किराते

jīyantām durjayā dehe ripavaścakṣurādayaḥ
jiteṣu nanu lokoyaṁ teṣu kṛtsnastvayā jitahḥ|
paravānarthasaṁsiddhau nīcavṛttirapatrapaḥ
avideyendriyaḥ puṁsāṁ gauriveti vidheyatām||
mahākavi bhāravikṛte kirāte

A quote from Kiratarjuneeyam of Bharavi..

We should gain absolute control over our own sense organs which are usually working without any proper control or guidance..

However, such control is unavoidable because out entire life is programmed through the working of such organs.. which when unchecked act as our enemies and lead us astray..

Control of the sense organs can make us conquerors of the whole world.. although such victory can be ensured only with lot of hard work and eternal diligence.

Those who have no control over these organs, blunder through life performing any lowly avocation.

Their sole aim could just managing to keep their body and life together 
Sooner or later they become dependents or slaves of others and live like the domestic animals with four legs.

It is indeed very sad that the population of people living the lives of cows and buffaloes is increasing day by day..

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