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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Athiripaatcha kozhukkattai story..

A son-in-law visits his mother in law and the latter in all affection prepares and feeds him with a lot of kozhukkattai (a very delicious food item..a deshi pancake).. Enamoured about the taste but ignorant of the name of the delicacy, the son in law asks for the name and is planning to go over to his place memorizing the name of Kozhakkattai so that he could mention the name to his wife and ask her to prepare the dish in plenty..He chants the word kozhukkattai enthusiastically all the way and travels from the place of MIL to his own wife's abode.. En route, he had to pass a bridge and an instant storm comes by.. He is chanting Kozhakkattai again and again but some people were warning that an ahiripaatcha storm ( an unexpected storm?) has overtaken them. In confusion, the littany of Kozhakkattai tuns into " Athiripatcha" and when the storm clears and the man reaches home the word Athirpatcha had replaced kozhukkattai.. and he hurriedly demands his wife to prepare Athiripatcha in the same style as her mother would do.. The lady is flabbergasted. She could not divine what her man was telling. She pleads ignorance and is beaten up and develops swellings over her body the size of kozhakkattai.. Later on the Mother In Law visits them to see her daughter and witnessing her miserable plight, demands the Son In Law why he has beaten up her daughter and caused swellings of the size of Kozhakkattai.. The word strike a chord in his mind and he tells his wife that what he wanted was "kozhakkattai".. Obviously not athiripaatcha.. Rest is left to imagination..

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