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Friday, April 05, 2013

no place for empty drums

no place for empty drums

षट्कर्णाद् भिध्यते मन्त्रः॥३४॥

ṣaṭkarṇād bhidhyate mantraḥ||34||
this is the 34th sutra of Chanakya

A secret of the state is blown to ineffectiveness if it falls
on six ears

Here the master underlines the importance of the 
absolute secrecy that should be maintained in the 
matters of State.

A king or the authority wielding great powers of the State should never discuss matters of strategic importance with more persons that those who are absolutely necessary and are entirely dependable. The king should confine himself to discussing such matters with his Prime Minister alone.. When the secret is shared with a single persons only four ears hear it.. The king cannot afford the luxury of sharing the secret with another pair of ears...For the secret ceases to be so by the time it falls on six ears.

This principle is scrupulously followed by all intelligence agencies.. they always stick to the needs-to-know principle.. In matters of State strict rules of law are to be followed..No personal likes and disliked should ever come in the way...even the slightest slip is not permitted in administrative and defence matters.

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