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Monday, April 08, 2013

Peaceful Retirement

Peaceful Retirement
A beautiful narration of peaceful retirement.. Described in the great epic poem Raghuvamsam of Kaalidaasa.. The most illustrious king in the race was Raghu.. (though Srirama was also in the line).. Raghu vanquished the three worlds and ruled the earth in all his glory.. A son was born to him.. named Aja.. The prince was equally valorous(He is the father of Dasaratha).. After obtaining proper education and training in arms, the prince was the heir-apparent.. The proud father Raghu was waiting for the moment when the son would reveal his mettle.. It happened during the Indumatee Swayamvaram.. The prince attended the contest of strength to win the most beautiful damsel of that time, Indumati, as his wife.. When he started back to Ayodhya with Indumati, all the competing kings and warriors rose in war against him. The battle is described in great vividity in the seventh chapter of Raghuvamsamahaakaavyam.. The prince shattered the opposition and made a victorious entry to his native land. The father Raghu, learning that the Prince had proved himself worthy to be a king, abdicated the throne and adjourned to forest in search of peace, after anointing the brave son on the throne..Kalidasa describes this in the last stanza of seventh canto
प्रथमपरिगतार्थस्तम् रघुः संनिवृत्तं

विजयिनमभिनन्द्य श्लाख्यजायासमेतं।

तदुपहितकुटुम्बः शान्तिमार्गोत्सुकोऽभूर्

न हि सति कुलधुर्ये सूर्यवंश्या गृहाय॥७--७१

कालिदासप्रणीते रघुवंशमहाकाव्ये
prathamaparigatārthastam raghuḥ saṁnivṛttaṁ
vijayinamabhinandya ślākhyajāyāsametaṁ|
tadupahitakuṭumbaḥ śāntimārgotsuko'bhūr
na hi sati kuladhurye sūryavaṁśyā gṛhāya||7--71
kālidāsapraṇīte raghuvaṁśamahākāvye

Raghu, having seen his son returning in glory after accomplishing a great victory over the enemies, and entering the kingdom in the company of the most praiseworthy consort Indumati, praised Aja over his great victory,
Immediately handed over to the prince the duty of looking after the Royal functions  and family traditions and set out himself in pursuit of peace,
The members of the clan of Sun.. Suuryavamsyaa.. never remain at home to rule once they have found a heir who can carry on the duties of the clan and the race with dexterity

The idea of giving up all the glory, power and comforts when one is enjoying all that at their peak and that too voluntary, takes a real character.. Raghu the emperor did have that good sense and power of will..
How many of us can retire gracefully.?.
How many mother-in-laws can voluntarily hand over the keys to the daughter in laws?

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