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Thursday, April 18, 2013

to the skeptic

I think the disappointment with God stems out of denied expectations, .It is all in the manner you soldered your connecting wires.. or the USB port you used.. The disappointment would not have been there if the connecting terminals were stronger..
I think of Krishna as so cute, so great, so learned, so perfect.. and He makes me feel good..
It will be a bonus, a boon and ultimate windfall, if ever even the faintest love or consideration of His is directed towards me..
It is immaterial whether He cares for me, but I am blessed because He is there in all His glory..
Maybe it is a platonic one-sided love.. But that love makes meaning in life for many including me and most believers..
He was there before the biological mass that is me was formed and He will be there even after this biological mass undergoes some chemical change and decays..
How can I say He was not fair to me..? Do I matter much in the scheme of things? Besides, I believe He suffers the pleasures and pains of this illusion when each living being is subjected such pleasures and pains..
हरिर्दाता हरिर्भोक्ता हरिरन्नं प्रजापतिः हरिर्विप्रशरीरस्तु भुङ्ग्ते भोजयते हरिः Hari is the giver, Hari is the enjoyer, Hari is the mass of food which is enjoyed, Hari is the Grand Sire, Hari is the body of the learned man, Hari is eating and enjoying and Hari is the one who makes us eat and enjoy..
So in the scheme of things does it matter whether I believe in Him or not? Divine presence is too obvious..
If Radha often fought with Krishna, it was only a fight for His love...The yearning of the lesser evolved soul to reach the perfect soul..
This is our journey and this is the journey for all of us, whether we realize it or not..
Just like a child feeling temporary dislike for the mother when she punishes him for some small mistake..

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