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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

order is the first priority

राजानं प्रथमं विन्द्यात् ततो भार्यां ततो धर्नं
राजन्यसति लोकेऽस्मिन् कुतो राज्यं कुतो धनं॥
इदं  सुभाषितं  चाणक्यकृतमिति केचन विद्वांसः  वदन्ति

rājānaṁ prathamaṁ vindyāt tato bhāryāṁ tato dharnaṁ
rājanyasati loke'smin kuto rājyaṁ kuto dhanaṁ||
idaṁ  subhāṣitaṁ  cāṇakyakṛtamiti kecana vidvāṁsaḥ  vadanti

The king should be considered as the most important
and even  the wife should come  as the next priority
and wealth will come only as the third in  preference.. 
This is because if there is no king in this world
there can be neither a kingdom nor any wealth.

This aphorism is attruibuted to Chanakya by some scholars..

Here the "King "  represent the well-defined seat of authority..
the Head of the State, the combine of political leadership modern politics..the sovereign represented by the legislature, judiciary and the executive..
There can be wealth and social stability and well-being for people only when there is a well-established administration which can ensure the optimum combination of personal liberty and collective and enlightened administration and control.
Here, mention of the king should not trigger the image of a person wearing a golden crown and twitching his moustache.. 
The King here refers to the State, the Order, the Administration that we the people have given unto ourselves.. If such  an Order is absent, the constituents  will go berserk .. and  there can be no peace when there is no rule of law..there can be no family, no money, under such a state of anarchy.

It is another thing that the persons wielding  supreme authority often go blind and get  replaced either by ballot or persuasion,  or though revolt or rebellion.

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