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Saturday, April 13, 2013

in proper places

स्थाने एव नराः पूज्यन्ते ॥३०९॥
sthāne eva narāḥ pūjyante ||309||
An important observation by Chaanakya

"People are respected only when they occupy the right position..
It goes without saying that a person who loses his position loses everything. Invariably  the respect and reputation one enjoys is based on the position he occupies.."

This truth is driven home  by the following subhaashitam

स्थानस्थितस्य कमलस्य साहाय्यौ वारिभास्करौ।
स्थानच्युतस्य तस्यैव क्लेदशोषकरावुभे॥
sthānasthitasya kamalasya sāhāyyau vāribhāskarau|
sthānacyutasya tasyaiva kledaśoṣakarāvubhe||

When the lotus is blooming with its deep roots entrenched on the firm ground under the water, the Sun and the pond and its water help it to shine better.. the water supports it to raise up and the Sun helps it to bloom.. But when the same lotus flower is plucked away the sun and water will not help it any more.. A lotus plucked away from the pond will be dried up by the scorching rays of the sun and the flower will decay if it is put in water again.. Therefore the support and prominence  that the lotus enjoyed  depended entirely on its former position of advantage.

We human beings are intolerably  vain.. We  often happen to receive  praise, in place or out of place, depending on the position we occupy and the powers we wield.. However we are deluded by arrogance to assume that the respect and adulation we enjoy  are the result of some supernatural and intrinsic powers possessed by us.. The bluff will be called when we lose the position for some reason or other..

Maybe, good education, good contacts, coupled with  humble and considerate behaviour and helping nature exhibited by us  while we are  occupying positions of power could be remembered by some and they might  give us some solace even after we are displaced from such power and position.

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