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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

show off and survive

निर्विषेणाऽपि सर्पेण कर्तव्या महती फणा।
विषमप्यस्तु माऽप्यस्तु घटाटोपो भयङ्करः॥

nirviṣeṇā'pi sarpeṇa kartavyā mahatī phaṇā|
viṣamapyastu mā'pyastu ghaṭāṭopo bhayaṅkaraḥ||

"Even if a serpent is not having venom  it should never fail to hold high  its hood and make a frightening appearance.. 

Such show of strength, although a make believe,  and making  a lot of noise can instill fear in the minds of the adversary  and  more often than not save you.."

The master statesman Chanakya  is just pointing out his fingers at  a stark reality of life.. 

People go by appearances.. 
When we see a snake we are stuck by fear at once ..

 However if the snake is very meek and simply keeps quiet, we would start  throwing stones at it, even if it is poisonous.

 But if only it raises its hood and makes hissing noises, we  normally tend to  bolt, and no one is  likely to be either brave or foolhardy  to stay near the  hissing snake and verify  whether it carries venom in is fangs ..

And this is just the way many people survive..

 It is not the inherent worth of a person that matters.. Usually we get away with show offs..

Tinsel world survives on make-ups..
 Politicians thrive on the gift of the gab.. 
And we survive in social media posts  proving to the hilt Chanakya's above dictum in words and spirit..

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