pachai maamalai pol mene

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

science and spirituality meet here..

The supreme controller is the same whatever your concept of that controller is.. Maybe you are not a votary of the traditional methods and logic.. there is nothing wrong in that.. after all scientific spirit is also a divine inspiration.. you deduce things by the use of brain cells, neuron or whatever you can call them.. Let us break the issue further into smaller units.. we will end up with electrons and other particles and maybe with energy mass duality or conglomerate.. but who can say for sure why these things are ordered and happening in a particular way.. why do thoughts occur? Cause and effect are taken as two complimentary things and we tend to believe even on the litmus test of scientific deduction that for a cause there should be an effect.. We do scientifc experiments in the order... Data, Hypothesis, experiment and conclusion.. If we approach the issue with some radical reasoning, the hypothesis will either stand proved or disapproved by the result obtained through experiment.. Mostly, in spiritual matters also seer like Shankars and by and large even the rishis of Vedas and Upanishads have followed the same method.. And they have pronounced certain results.. and such results have come after spending lifetimes after lifetimes in contemplation and deduction.. I am sure that the scientist in you will, after evaluating all the parameters, zero in on a solution.. and perhaps you can call that conclusion God.. Seekers and scientists all reach that point ultimately..You are spelling out your conclusions before the experiment is over.. General theory of Relativity came after the Special theory.. Now both theories are challenged in a way by God Particles.. So the experiment goes on.. You cannot disagree on anything and spell out the final word.. We are all too small players in the grand scheme of things.. of God, of chance, of serendipity...

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