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Friday, April 12, 2013


Two occasions in Mahabharatham, where Arjuna's vanity was exposed should prove eye openers
First.. the scene of the gory killing of dussaasana by Bheemasena.. Dussaasana is cornered by Bheemasena and before finishing him off the second Pandava throws a challenge to all assembled in the battlefield, ' I have completely vanquished this wretch.. Is there any man here who can save him?"..The kshatriya in Arjuna is stoked and he is about to challenge his brother.. Then Krishna asks him to to touch him and have a look at Bheema.. and what Arjuna sees in the place of Bhima is Lord Rudra in His most destructive form..Arjuna is terrified..Who could challenge the God of destruction?

Second, the war is over, Arjuna is led back to the camp by Krishna in the Chariot and Krishna asks Arjuna to step out of the Chariot before He himself gets out.. The Victory has gone over the head of Arjuna..He is irritated that his Charioteer Krishna has not stepped out and lent his hand for Arjuna to get down.. The Lord however insists that Arjuna got out first and the latter obeys grudgingly.. But seconds later when the Blessed Lord steps out of the chariot, the Chariot is thrown into flames.. The various weapons and arrows and spells which have been cast on the Chariot had made it so susceptible to destruction and the presence of the Lord alone was keeping it safe and protected .. The Lord knew it but Arjuna did not..

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