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Sunday, October 03, 2010

beautiful forests

आञ्जनगन्धिम् सुरभिं
बह्वन्नां अकृषीवलां।
प्राहं मृगाणां मातरं
अरण्यानीम् अशम्सिषं॥
ऋग्वेदम्  १०-१४६-६
āñjanagandhim surabhiṁ
bahvannāṁ akṛṣīvalāṁ|
prāhaṁ mṛgāṇāṁ mātaraṁ
araṇyānīm aśamsiṣaṁ||
ṛgvedam 10-146-6
ബഹ്വന്നാം ആകൃഷിവലാം
പ്രാഹംമൃഗാനാം മാതരം 
അരണ്യാനീം അശംസിഷം

we shower praise on  Aranyaani, the beautiful goddess of forest,  who is always soothing with balms born in her trees and herbs, who spreads her fragrance far and wide, who is self sufficient in food for her inhabitants and guests, who is the mother of all animals who have taken shelter in her bosom, and possesses lands untouched by ploughs.

the importance of pristine forests was always recognised by our ancestors.  No poaching.

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